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Racetime VR Racing & Escape Rooms Attractions


Experience the ultimate fusion of speed and thrill at Racetime Simulators, where 10 cutting-edge racing simulators and immersive VR escape rooms await to ignite your senses.

Racetime VR Racing & Escape Rooms Attraction Pricing
Racetime VR Racing Pricing

Racing Simulation Sessions

  • 1 Hour - $35

  • Need more time racing? Book multiple time slots

Adult VR Escape Room

Adult VR
Escape room

  • $35 per player (2 player minimum)

  • 45 min to escape​

  • VR escape room is for 2-5 players

Child VR Escape Room

Child VR
Escape room

  • $15 for Child Game: Laserbots 

  • 2 player minimum

  • 10 min to escape

  • VR escape room is for 2-5 players

*Walk-ins subject to availability*



Want to get a taste of driving a race car or supercar? Come in and try our complete simulators that let you feel feedback through the steering wheel from the tires/road, brake pedal feel and resistance, gas/throttle, and even a clutch with a manual shifter. Take it to the next level with sequential shifters, or use a hand brake for rally driving experience. 

10 fully built simulators. These simulators are designed to showcase the best of what sim racing has to offer. Our studio is available for any events that you may be organizing.

Racetime VR Racing & Escape Room
Racing Simulations


VR Escape Room is for 2-5 players at a time.

Racetime VR Escape Rooms

Attractions Gallery


Join Racetime and unlock a world of adrenaline-pumping excitement with unlimited access to 10 racing simulators.

Racetime VR Racing and Escape Room Memberships
Ractime VR Racing and Escape Rooms Membership

Racetime Membership

  • $100 per month

  • 3 month sign up minimum

  • Escape Room not included 

*Visit as frequently as you'd like, subject to availability*


Have a question or need some help?

Call us at (815)-900-7224 or click the button below to send us an email.

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