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Sim racing & VR Escape Rooms

Redefining Speed: Your Journey, Our Simulators

Virtual Worlds, Real Escapes:
VR Adventure Awaits!


Sim Racing & VR escape room

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Welcome to RACETIME located in McHenry, Illinois! As a family-owned local entertainment center, we've seamlessly merged our passion for technology, exhilarating racing, & mind-bending escape room challenges.

Our 10 cutting-edge simulators & virtual reality escape room will transport you to the forefront of your wildest dreams, immersing you in a pulse-pounding journey that's tailor-made for individuals, friends, and families seeking an electrifying adventure.  

Positioned at the cross roads of technology, escape room, and high-speed entertainment, we extend an invitation to join us in crafting memories that will propel you far beyond the finish line.

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Racetime VR Racing & Escape Rooms Birthday Parties


Experience the thrill of real racing at Racetime, featuring 10 cutting-edge racing simulators that put you in the driver's seat of high-speed excitement.

Fuel your competitive spirit and elevate the fun with our immersive escape room for 2-5 players at a time, offering an adrenaline-pumping blend of speed and strategy for an unforgettable adventure.

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Birthday Parties

Celebrate your special day in ultimate style at Racetime! With high-speed VR Racing experiences on our top-notch simulators & finding your way to freedom through our VR Escape Room, your birthday party will rev up to a whole new level of excitement and fun.

Get ready to make memories that race against time! Check out our party packages.

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Elevate your racing passion with a Racetime membership. Gain exclusive access to our fleet of  10 dynamic Racing Simulators, offering a membership that's tailored for speed enthusiasts alike.

Join our Membership Program for exclusive perks.

Racetime VR Racing & Escape Room Memberships
Racetime VR Racing & Escape Room Events
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Host your next youth group outing, corporate or team building event, at our cutting-edge facility, where participants can race against each other on virtual tracks and collaborate to solve intricate escape room mysteries, creating an engaging and unforgettable outing.


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